Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

All the provisions of this article constitute the charter of good conduct for carpooling. This Charter constitutes the very spirit of the carpooling service offered by MyEcoCar. Each user must be supportive, responsible and respectful. This Charter applies to all users of the Site and of the service offered by MyEcoCar.

The Driver undertakes to only offer, through his advertisements published on the Site, Trips which correspond to trips actually planned.

1. Carpool ride

Any information relating to the Contribution to the Costs, the Journey and any possible including the points of departure and arrival as well as the timetables, the tolerance or the presence of smokers, animals or music, and more general to any detail relating to logistics, comfort or preferences specific to the Trip or to the author of the announcement is given directly by the user. In no case the responsibility of is engaged. The Driver undertakes to carry out the Trip which he has previously published and to travel with the Passengers with whom he has contracted. Finally, he undertakes to ensure the minimum of hygiene. Acceptance of the joint trip by the Passenger is made in knowledge of all these elements.

2. Security and trust

The Driver undertakes not to take any risks at the wheel and not to consume any dangerous product which could affect his ability to drive vigilantly and in complete safety. The Passenger must not in any way disturb the Driver in his driving.

3. Legality and transparency

All Users must be able to present their documents without delay to another User within the framework of the Journey. This concerns the Driver's driving licence, the registration certificate for his vehicle and his insurance certificate. When a Passenger is required to drive, he must be able to present his driving licence. The identities communicated to MyEcoCar must correspond to those of the Passenger and the Driver. The Driver and the vehicle must comply with the highway code and with the law. The Driver and the Passenger further undertake not to transport any illegal or dangerous object or substance during the joint journey.

4. Departure times

Users are required to respect the schedules agreed at the start. They must present themselves at the place and time scheduled for the meeting. Passed a tolerance of 30 minutes after the agreed time, is considered responsible for the cancellation whoever did not show up.

5. Information published on the site

It is forbidden for Users of the Site to publish defamatory or insulting comments or comments that could harm third parties. MyEcoCar reserves the right to delete any information contrary to its image as soon as it has been brought to its attention. Drivers and Passengers accept in advance the publication on the Site of notices concerning them.